Lawn Care Green Oak Township

Are you having trouble with the upkeep of your trees and shrubs? Here at Lawn Care Green Oak Township we understand that for most people, ornamental trees and shrubs represent a large investment of their time and money. Keeping these temperamental, woody plants healthy year-round can present a variety of challenges.

Home, the last place you should have to spend additional time from the things in life we all enjoy, time spent with family in a manicured, well cared for property.A property where the lawn has been beautifully cut, expertly striped, is weed free and brilliantly green, lush and cool…nature’s deep pile carpet. Hedges, ornamentals and perennials expertly cared for, plant beds free of weeds and encroaching grasses.

Early Detection Will Save You Time and Money

Our expert technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your trees, shrubs, ornamentals and beds for all potential pests and diseases. We institute a six step treatment program to keep your shrubs and trees healthy and beautiful year-round. By utilizing early detection, frequent monitoring and preventative treatments, we are able to ensure your trees and shrubs are looking their best. Lawn Care Green Oak Township